Friday, March 14, 2008

Joshua tree

6:30 am on 3 hours sleep.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I don't know if they mean the drug or ass...but it's bad either way.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perfect car

This ride is in such good shape & can't believe it. Paint job is perfect.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second try w/ new phone

Who knows what I'm sending in...I'll edit this later. Testing testing.This is a band fromS.F. called Battlehooch. They were amazing..played the Hyperion Tavern a few weeks ago


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Friday, February 08, 2008

a video

i read this article with Beck, and he was talking about shooting low end, super creative videos for every song on his album. I thought it was a great idea, but was saddened by the thought that I didn't have the dough to record an album. Then I thought, why don't I only shoot videos, and use the sound from the camera.
So I did. My buddy Mike Long is an editor, and we filmed each take with a mini dv, and then he edited it together as you would normally mix a song together, and this is what we got. There's one more on deck, and I'd like to do more...we'll see.
Everything you're hearing, you are watching me play, no visual dubs or lip-synching.

here is is on Revver

pocasts from england

Pod Cast News-
Back in May, Earwax Radio Put on a show at the New Cross Inn, they recorded it, and now it's up on their site!site!

You can hear my whole set, and then explore the rest of the site.
Here's the set list...
1. waiting-new song
2. No Love
3. New song- no title-around me
4. Nigel
5. Sister-
6.New song - Don't Know Whydid version at Orange and Blue
7. Sorry
8. slip away

It was my second to last show out of about 20 from my South London tour last May. My voice is a little worse for wear, you can hear three new songs which are still taking shape, and you can hear a bunch of friends cheering and drinking.
I think I'd had about two hours sleep, and Phil and Mark had none...they rolled in straight from a party at 10am.

Also, two other podcasts

or here HERE

and scroll to

#9 Ear We go Again
#10 Aint' no Party Like a Rocklands Party

#9 Ear We Go Again - is from the above show, but there is also an interview, and #10 Ain't NO PArtyLIKE A ROCKLANDS PARTY - is from my first show of the trip, also w/ interview.

Check out the other bands, much good music, amnd a great representation of a really fun and diverse music scene in South London.

Coming Soon! Links to a Kooba Radio Podcast!!!!!!

HEATH! UK May '07

HEATH! UK May '07

Actually, here is the mini-player right here!

Click here to get your own player.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back in the U.S.S........A

Yes, I am back in LA, and tired. I'm going to try to run through my trip on here, sort show by show or day by day. Or maybe interesting event by interesting event. Allright all my shows....
The Montague Arms
Music Center-Foxfest Day 1
Foxfest Day 2
Amersham Arms
Montague Arms-Birdsnest
Fox and Firkin
The Kings Cross
Moonbow jake's
New Cross Inn-Earwax show
Tom's party
Hilly Fields Sunrise set
Birdsnest-2 sets

That's not all of 'em. Hmmm I'll remember later. The flight over was easy, getting into London and down into Brockley was easy. I dropped my stuff at Sylvia's place, where I'd be staying, and met up with Ceri James to get a beer at the Fox and Firkin, and as we walked past the DLR ( one of the local train services, named after David Lee Roth), I hear someone shout " HEATH!, HEATH!" and I see Wilf and Shaun. First day in London, and I get a shout out walking down the street. Oh yeah. So Ceri went to give a guitar lesson, and I walked up to Blackheath to kill some time...picked up a four pack, had a few, checked out all the posh people drinking white wine and eating goat cheese pizza...which isn't pizza, and went back to meet Ceri and some peeps at the Dacre Arms, his local watering hole. As I was waiting I saw a fox...a fox! There are foxes everywhere in south London it seems, and this was my first sighting of many.
I bought a video camera for this trip...the idea being to make a documentary of my trip, and I started realising what a pain in the ass this was going to be. Having the camera out all the time to be ready to film whenever, pulling it out mid conversation and killing the vibe cause people are suddenly being filmed. Much more work than having someone following me around filming all the great things I do. It made me quite self couscous.
I landed on the 2nd, and didn't have my first show till the 5th, so I had time to get over my jet lag and ease in to the heavy drinking lifestyle that would be mine for the next four weeks. All for now.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

been so long

I haven't posted anything in ages. Oy. I'll go back and cover some things later. I'm in the UK and it's pretty amazing. SO far I've played 5 or six shows, Foxfest was crazy, last night I ended up playing a set at party, in the living room, 20 people singing along to every song. Really fun. I'm filming this whole tour, so 'll be posting...oops...there we go...videos, making a little documentary. check out this digital thing, you can buy the album for your mp3 player now.

I have a bunch more shows, and I'm scouring for more, so I'll be back w/ pics and info.
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